Sunday, October 13, 2013

Danzig what?!!

On my to Virginia Beach to see my sis. Looks like she is going to be outing me out if my element to see an ol band Danzig. Hard rock of the 90's that has led to the creation of today's metal?!! It might be one of the first shows I go to that I may feel the need to drink red bulls and drink car bombs but then that may result in some head banging and guitar!!

I am pretty excited to see Texas Hippie Coalition. A southern hard rock band. I'm not sure what to expect but nothing gets better than a night out with your sister at the NORVA in Norfolk VA!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guess What?

I have currently found a phenomenal Yoga community to become apart of! Well I guess I do live in Boulder, CO. Boulder is one of the most active cities to live in. With finding this Yoga community I have been inspired to take a summer intensive 200-hour teacher training. I am going to be a Yoga instructor. I can’t wait to share my experiences of yoga with Everyone. I know its going take me many different places and allow me to meet so many great people! Follow me on my Yoga path as I start to flow through this new Chapter of my life!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blind Pilot

Good times!

The reason that I started listening to these guys is because I heard from a friend that they did a music tour on their bicylces from Bellingham, Washington to San Diego, California.  Freakin Awesome!  After getting a cd I was hooked.  They have great lyrics that are rocked by amazing vocalists.  I saw this show at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO just a few blocks from my AWESOME house.

The Fox Theatre is one of my favorites.  Small venue to get a one on one feeling with the music artists and the sound is almost always perfect.  I have, however, realized I find myself often mixed in a group of 16 year old kids every once in awhile.  Oh my I already that old person in the crowd.  I remember thinking to myself when I started spiritually going to shows at the Canopy Club in Chambana, IL back in high school..."what's that old person doing here, like really"  Well  now that I am growing older and my LOVE for music is going nowhere, I might as well adapt to younger looking faces in the midst of the crowd!

The WOOD Brothers

This is one of my favorite from these guys.  Postcards from Hell from the Loaded album.  I discovered these guys through a friend and through Sirius radio (which I no longer subscribe to thanks for my Droid).  I much fell in Love with the cd's "Loaded"and "Up ABove My Head".  I went to this show at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, CO and they brought a handful of their cd "Smoke Ring Halo" for us to buy before the cd had actually been released.  What nice guys!  They really were.  Although now it tends to be one of my favorites.  

How lucky is it to be born into a family that is musically talented and then to be able to share that experience with a brother.  These guys define the meaning cool.  As cheesy as that sounds but watching them do their best on stage is an amazing experience.